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A significant part of Madeira's gastronomy is found in the streets. The archipelago's fine weather and beauty are the perfect excuse to spend as much time as possible outdoors. During the summer, the long days will see the sun set after 9 p.m. and the traditional festivals, which take place every weekend in one or other of the parishes, invite friends and family to get together in circles of joy and delicious food. The "eat and drink" tents and booths are the ideal places to get to know Madeira's traditional food up close.
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At the forefront of this festival of flavours that regales island life is the 'bolo do caco' bread. This 'bolo' (cake) is actually a delicious bread made with wheat flour and sweet potato. Warm and crispy, with a generous dose of garlic butter, in its bolder version it can also be served with slices of chorizo or bacon.
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The famous steak sandwiches taste different when served on 'bolo do caco'. And what can we say about our beef 'picadinhos' (chopped beef) with homemade chips? Such a good snack to enjoy on a terrace, as the popular festive music echoes in the distance and our skin is still warm from the incredible day on the beaches that the island has to offer.
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Even better than all this is being presented with a "small bite" on the house. Here, you can't be picky, because "you can't look a gift horse in the mouth". Dry skipjack, octopus, swordfish and pickled tuna, in the fish section; chicken wings, meat with wine and garlic and noodles with beef stew, are the best meat bites.
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