The first football match in Portugal

Did you know ...The first football game in Portugal was held on the island of Madeira, more precisely at Largo da Achada, in Camacha?It took place in 1875 and Largo da Achada covered a small flat area around the parish church within the perimeter of which the Chapel of St. Joseph's, the Health Centre and the picturesque Café Relógio with its tower and famous wicker work factory are found.
It was then that the young British citizen Harry Hinton, who was a resident on the island of Madeira, introduced this sport for the entertainment of all and being known ever since by the name “Game of Foot-Ball” amongst foreigners.
Achada is the centre of the parish of Camacha, a picturesque place where people who visit it often go. Today there is a large square where a stage was built for folklore performances, as well as a children's playground and a small football field in homage to the place which provided the launch pad for the “king of sports” in our country.

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