How to move around Porto Santo

The island of Porto Santo dazzles all visitors with its long and beautiful golden sand beach that runs along almost the entire southern coast of this captivating island. Being 11 kilometres long and 6 kilometres wide, it is relatively easy to move around.
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Walking is, for many, the preferred option. Indeed, for all those who choose accommodation in the centre of the island, it is not only perfectly feasible to move around on foot, but also extremely enjoyable. In the centre of Porto Santo you will find several caf├ęs, restaurants, supermarkets and shops, all within a short distance of each other.
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Another way to move around Porto Santo is by bicycle. The existence of a bike path along Estrada Regional 111, from Ribeiro Cochino to Praia da Calheta, allows you to go on a promenade of almost 5 km, with gentle slopes and beautiful landscapes.
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It is also possible to cycle on the main roads, so you will certainly see other cyclists doing so, taking advantage of the good conditions of the long stretches, with few level differences. If this is your choice for moving around Porto Santo, there are several companies offering bicycle rental services.
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There is also a public transport network on the Golden Island, which serves both the population and visitors. The main bus station in Porto Santo is near the main service station, a very central location. Among other routes, the bus fleet makes daily trips to and from Porto Santo Port, where the ferry arrives and departs every day, making the connection between Madeira and this island.
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In addition, and also on a daily basis, there is a tourist bus, which runs around the entire island in a tour lasting approximately two hours, and is an excellent way to do a general reconnaissance of Porto Santo.
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Another practical and comfortable way to explore the island is by taxi. Porto Santo's main taxi rank is in the centre, next to the service station, from where most buses depart as well. However, if you prefer, you can always call the company that runs the taxi service in Porto Santo.
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For all those who do not give up their total independence and want to take charge of their travel in Porto Santo, the car rental service is the best choice. There are several companies dedicated to this activity, so you can experience the best of Porto Santo at your own pace and will. We aren't just talking about cars, but also scooters and quad bikes. The choice is yours!
The question 'How to move around Porto Santo?' therefore has a handful of options. Choose the transportation most convenient for you and head to this island paradise, which you will leave relaxed, rejuvenated and with a tanned skin.
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