Ponta da Canaveira Viewpoint

The Ponta da Canaveira Viewpoint overlooks the rockier side of Porto Santo, quite different from the fine sandy beach and low-lying areas that predominate on the south coast. Located at the western tip of the island, the landscape here is dominated by the darker tones of basalt rocks and coastal cliffs, which invoke the volcanic origin of this island territory.


By carefully observing the rock formations that mark the surroundings, it's possible to glimpse the coloured veins that show the various phases of magmatic ascent related to the island's volcanic activity. Millennia of History mirrored in an unrepeatable image.


As for the scenery, from the Ponta da Canaveira Viewpoint you can see Ilhéu do Ferro and Pico Ana Ferreira. On days with good visibility, it's even possible to recognise the northern coast of the neighbouring island, Madeira.


On the way to the viewpoint, you can take a break at the pleasant Morenos area, where you will find very typical vegetation. This place is equipped with tables and straw hats, as well as barbecue facilities. All that is necessary to have a picnic or simply enjoy the contact with Nature, always having the sea as a backdrop.

The Ponta da Canaveira Viewpoint overlooks the rockiest part of Porto Santo. Located at the western tip, from here you can see Ilhéu do Ferro and Pico Ana Ferreira.

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