Centro Hípico do Porto Santo

Discovering the charms of this golden island on a horseback ride is one of the most unforgettable memories you can take home in your holiday luggage. This experience is made possible at the Centro Hípico do Porto Santo, where more or less difficult paths allow offering horseback rides for people of all ages and all levels of experience.


Located at the base of Pico Ana Ferreira, the Centro Hípico do Porto Santo has an open-air arena and is prepared not only to organise horseback rides, but also to give riding lessons to beginners. This space specialises in teaching people with no previous experience and has horses suitable for children. It also offers hippotherapy.


Therefore, visitors can take advantage of their holidays in Porto Santo to enjoy the memorable horseback-riding experience in an unrepeatable landscape setting. And, in case you want to invest in this talent, you can even take advantage of one of the weekly courses.


Finally, it has a bar and a restaurant, Restaurante Equestre, where you can peacefully enjoy the unique atmosphere of this place.

With the help of the Centro Hípico do Porto Santo, you can set off to discover the golden island on a memorable horseback ride or use your holidays to learn this art.

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