Fajã dos Padres

The island of Madeira is home to various extremely beautiful places, which have made it famous as a true Eden in the middle of the ocean. Fajã dos Padres, where Nature expresses itself with a particular gracefulness, is undoubtedly one of these places.


This narrow strip of land by the sea has a rare natural splendour. The sea, which is turquoise and transparent enough to allow seeing its bottom without any difficulty, has a particularly inviting temperature that can exceed 24 °C in summer. It is, therefore, worth enjoying the Fajã dos Padres beach, made of pebbles, and its small pier, with showers and sun loungers, to take a few dips.


The tropical fruit trees, such as mango trees, banana trees and avocado trees, are quite vivacious all year round, taking advantage of the fertility of the land and the local microclimate. The landscape is completed with the imposing 250-metre-high cliff that frames and protects this very special space.


To get to Fajã dos Padres, visitors can use the cable car, which climbs the huge hillside quickly and comfortably, or arrive by boat. Be amazed by this small Madeiran paradise!

With its warm and transparent sea, the exotic fruits that grow here all year round and its unique landscape surroundings, Fajã dos Padres is truly a hidden Eden.

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