Precipice Viewpoint

The name given to this viewpoint faithfully reveals the scenario visitors find here. In fact, the Precipice Viewpoint is located on top of a steep cliff, very close to the coastline. This is an impressive must-see on the west coast of the island of Madeira.

This spot is located in Fajã da Ovelha, a parish created in the 16th century, where one of the first settlers, Gonçalo Ferreira de Carvalho, came to own land. To find the Precipice Viewpoint, you must take Estrada Regional 223 on the way down to Paul do Mar.

From this viewpoint it is possible to contemplate the magnificence of the Atlantic and the grandiose rugged mountains, covered in a green mantle, which define the coastline of this region.

In addition, the Precipice Viewpoint offers a unique view over the parish of Paul do Mar.This typical town is known for being an important fishing centre on the island of Madeira. It is also considered a privileged surfing spot, given the intensity of the swell (as happens in Jardim do Mar, a neighbouring village).

As hinted by its name, the Precipice Viewpoint, in the parish of Fajã da Ovelha, is located at the top of an imposing cliff. It offers a breathtaking view over Paul do Mar.

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