Poças das Lesmas

The parish of Seixal, on the north coast of the island of Madeira, offers its visitors a series of hidden spots (some more than others) of undeniable beauty. This is the case of Poças das Lesmas, situated very close to Laje Beach, also known as 'Jamaica Beach'.

In this sheltered place, the morphology of the volcanic rocks forms natural pools with a peculiar outline. The dark shades of the rock formations contrast with the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean, creating a picture that one can't be indifferent to.
Although unsupervised, Poças das Lesmas has sanitary facilities with showers and a bar. With free access, the pools and the surrounding areas have undergone a restoration process, scrupulously respecting the characteristics of this natural heritage.
Visitors can also find several points of interest in the proximity of this very peculiar beach destination. Besides the black sand of Laje Beach, this region is rich in hiking trails, waterfalls, viewpoints and places dominated by the vivacity of the Laurissilva Forest. Come and be amazed by the landscapes of the north coast of the island of Madeira.

Located in a peaceful and sheltered place, Poças das Lesmas offer a unique landscape setting, marked by natural pools with crystal-clear waters formed by volcanic rocks.

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