Ribeira da Boaventura Bathing Complex

In the municipality of Santa Cruz we find a number of beaches and bathing complexes that are quite important for the Region. After all, this is an island with subtropical characteristics, and both locals and visitor expect to feel in communion with the sea at every corner.

The Ribeira da Boaventura Bathing Complex is a bathing facility located on the Santa Cruz coastline, next to some of the main beaches of the parish. With two swimming pools, this is a very popular place for families with children, who can play here safely. In addition, the Ribeira da Boaventura Bathing Complex has a generous solarium area, and features changing rooms, bathrooms and a terrace. This complex also includes a small sheltered bay, located between the boating area and the swimming pools, providing access to the sea.

Just a few metres away is the archipelago's only water park: Aquaparque Madeira. Open from June to September, it has a capacity for more than a thousand people and includes, for its users' amusement, five slides, four tracks, two swimming pools - one of them for children - and a slow river.

Come and enjoy the tropical sun of the archipelago and enjoy a day at the Ribeira da Boaventura Bathing Complex where, who knows, you may even end up sliding down one of the slides at the Aquaparque.


At the Ribeira da Boaventura Bathing Complex you can enjoy a great day at the beach. With two swimming pools and a small sheltered bay, this space is ideal for adults and children.

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