Machico Bay

Machico Bay may well be one of the most beautiful coves in the whole archipelago, also favoured by the fact that it was the place of entry for the first navigators when they discovered the island of Madeira in 1419. Stretching for several hundred metres, it includes a pebble beach and another one of imported yellow sand, plus a pier and a charming marina. The surrounding green mountains create a natural amphitheatre, descending towards the sea, in a bucolic setting complemented with hints of cosmopolitanism.

A bay that invites you to go for a walk and stay close to the sea, where you can enjoy various activities such as sailing, canoeing and windsurfing. With the Desertas Islands and Ponta de São Lourenço in the backdrop, the images formed from Machico Bay are truly unique.


Stretching for several hundred metres, Machico Bay offers its visitors a picture of rare beauty, a meeting point between the mountain and the sea.

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