Sport fishing in Madeira

Come and beat your personal record in these rich Atlantic waters.
Sport fishing
The archipelago of Madeira benefits from its valuable geographical location in numerous aspects. This privilege is reflected, first and foremost, in the subtropical climate of the islands and the warm temperature of the sea, which varies between 18 °C and 24 °C all year round. It is, therefore, an extremely inviting place for multiple nautical activities, making sport fishing in Madeira an unavoidable experience. This place is very favoured by the migratory routes of a large number of fish, such as the blue marlin or bigeye tuna between June and September. Besides this, sport fishing in Madeira benefits from the fact that it is home to numerous species, such as white tuna, albacore, bluefin tuna, hammerhead shark, barracuda, skipjack tuna or swordfish.
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The value of a sport fishing experience in Madeira for enthusiasts is quite obvious. Just five minutes from the pier you can easily find areas suitable for this sport, where the depth of the sea reaches 1000 meters and you can easily beat your personal records in these waters full of life and diversity. Due to Madeira's centuries-old fishing tradition, you'll find several specialised operators to accompany you and boats with excellent equipment. Come and enjoy sport fishing in Madeira!
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Sport fishing

A paradise for sport fishing

The coastal area of the archipelago has many deep sea areas, favoured by migratory routes. Thus, sport fishing in Madeira is highly rewarding. Come and discover it!
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Mar Dourado
Rua Cristóvão Colombo, 5 | 9400-158 Porto Santo
Rua da Estalagem, 23 | 9060-414 Funchal
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