Dolphin & Whale Watching in Funchal

The Marina of Madeira's capital has a wide range of operators offering boat trips and whale watching trips in Funchal. The privileged geographical location of the city makes it possible for boats to frequently spot dolphins and whales, and the warm waters off the south coast of the island are always inviting for a dip.

In fact, the clean, crystal-clear and mild sea of this area makes life easier for the sea professionals who leave the local marina every day, all year round, to offer visitors the unique and memorable whale watching experience in Funchal, where they can come into close contact with these animals in their habitat. All this with the advantage of being able to admire, from the sea, the urban beauty of the city, whose houses dot the hillsides with white and orange. A symbiosis between Nature and cosmopolitanism.

There is, therefore, a wide range of whale watching experiences in Funchal that you can enjoy: from the opportunity to sail on a replica of Christopher Columbus' ship to the possibility of diving in the waters of Cape Girão, one of the highest capes over the sea in the world, at an altitude of 580 metres.

From Funchal, you have several options to cross the Madeira sea and observe marine animals in their habitat, always with the beauty of the capital as a backdrop.

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Where to book
Rota dos Cetáceos
Marina Shopping Center, Store 247, Avenida Arriaga 75 | 9000-533 Funchal
VMT Madeira
Edf. Porto Rico, R. das Hortas, 11, 2º andar | 9050-024 Funchal
Bonita da Madeira
Estrada Monumental, 187 | 9000-100 Funchal
Magic Dolphin
Rua Princesa D. Amélia, Edifício Princesa, 34-5D/E | 9000-019 Funchal
Cais 8, Marina do Funchal
Rua Encosta dos Piornais, 4, 1º AL | 9000-683 Funchal
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