Nature Reserves

Nature Reserves

In recent decades, the Autonomous Region of Madeira has positioned itself as an undeniable reference in Nature Conservation at a global level. Madeira has a number of protected land and sea areas that make it an ecological destination, safeguarded by the Madeira Natural Park (classified as a Biogenetic Reserve since 1992) where you can find flora and fauna that are rare in the world. Thanks to its geological, ecological and scientific attributes, there are several places in the Archipelago of Madeira considered Nature Reserves.
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They are found in isolated areas in the Atlantic, such as the Desertas Islands, the Selvagens Islands (Portugal's first national reserve), or the Islets that make up the Porto Santo Marine Protected Areas Network. In the island of Madeira, these places can be easily accessed by a cable car ride, like the Rocha do Navio Nature Reserve and the Garajau Nature Reserve, which is only a few minutes’ drive from Funchal. So, let yourself be dazzled by this living Nature, widely preserved but totally accessible to all those who are willing to keep it intact. Discover Madeira's main Nature Reserves!
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Porto Santo Biosphere Nature Reserve

Explore the immensity of Porto Santo's golden beach, the uniqueness of its people and the richness of its ecosystems.
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Rocha do Navio Nature Reserve

A Nature Reserve created to protect the marine fauna of this area of great environmental importance.
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Garajau Partial Nature Reserve

With an exuberant marine biodiversity, this is one of the favourite places for divers and lovers of Nature in the wild.
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Desertas Islands Nature Reserve

This reserve, with three islands and several underlying islets, is home to a vast biodiversity. It is one of the last strongholds of the monk-seal.
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Selvagens Islands Nature Reserve

The Selvagens Islands, of volcanic origin, are the southernmost Portuguese territory and an important bird sanctuary.
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Porto Santo Marine Protected Areas Network

The coastal area of the island of Porto Santo, which includes several islets, is home to a valuable and protected natural heritage.
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