Located between the Seixal and Ribeira da Janela mountains, Fanal is a vast forest area that invites you to quietly enjoy the best that Nature has to offer.


This idyllic place is one of the most emblematic places in the municipality of Porto Moniz, housing an extremely beautiful landscape heritage.


At Fanal, the main role is undoubtedly played by the centuries-old Til (Ocotea foetens) forest - with trees that date back to a time before the discovery of the archipelago. They are part of the indigenous Laurissilva forest, which expresses itself here in an impressive state of conservation given its vitality.


Between viewpoints, a leisure area with a public barbecue and a winter lake born from an old crater, there are many natural nooks and crannies in Madeira's Fanal Forest where you can be dazzled, have fun, walk or just relax (this area is, in fact, classified as a Rest and Quiet Reserve by the Madeira Natural Park).


Here you will also find hiking trails that offer the opportunity to contemplate this vast and rich forest area. At Fanal you can start several trails and 'levadas', as is the case of PR 13 - Vereda do Fanal or PR 14 - Levada dos Cedros. Let yourself be surprised by the richness of Fanal.

Marked by the presence of a centuries-old Tis forest, Fanal is known for its mystical landscape. Natural surprises abound in every nook and cranny of this forest area.

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