Quilómetro Vertical de Câmara de Lobos

The Câmara de Lobos trail is one of the most intense challenges in the island of Madeira for lovers of this sport.
The physical and technical demands of this trail are offset by its undeniable magnificence.
A remarkable endurance test, which is hard to forget.


With a total length of 3,18 km, the Quilómetro de Câmara de Lobos has a total duration of 3:45 hours (around 2:15 hours for the climb and one hour and a half for the descent).


Considered to be highly difficult, athletes are challenged to overcome a positive level difference of about 1000 metres.
This trail begins at Colmeal, parish of Curral das Freiras, at an altitude of about 630 metres.
Then it continues towards the imposing Pico Grande, along a rocky trail that is quite demanding but always very beautiful.


Located at an altitude of about 1630 metres, the arrival at this peak offers a panoramic view with unforgettable outlines, allowing you to take a glimpse, for example, at the highest points of the island or Curral das Freiras, a peculiar place, surrounded by green hills.
Distance: 3.18 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Start/End: Colmeal (Curral das Freiras) / Pico Grande
Level difference +: 1000 m
Level difference -: 0 m
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