Picos do Curral

Along this route, trail running lovers will find a unique opportunity to exceed their limits, exploring some of the most idyllic landscapes of the Central Mountain Range of Madeira.
Despite its high intensity, it proves to be a rewarding and memorable experience.


The Picos do Curral trail is 10.13 km long.
Because it has a wide range of hard climbs and some more technically demanding sections, this trail is only recommended for more experienced athletes of this sport.


With a circular outline, the trail starts at Fajã dos Cardos (Curral das Freiras) and ends at the same place, with a markedly rural and mountain environment.
Therefore, the trail crosses very imposing places such as Pico do Furão.


On the climbs, we highlight the surprising ascent to Vereda da Encumeada, with the possibility of visiting the majestic Pico Ruivo, at an altitude of 1862 metres.
The trail even presents the athletes with climbs with a level difference of 700 metres, which are conquered with an unequalled self-exceeding feeling.
The return descent to Curral das Freiras is completed along a section of the historical Caminho Real.
Distance: 10.13 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Start/End: Fajã dos Cardos (Curral das Freiras) / Fajã dos Cardos (Curral das Freiras)
Level difference +: 1019 m
Level difference -: 1016 m
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