From Jardim to Paul

Among paths overlooking the sea, the trail known as 'From Jardim to Paul' offers athletes a remarkable running experience.
It's the ideal trail for those who want to get to know some of the most beautiful nooks of Madeira's west side.


The trail From Jardim to Paul is 16.94 km long.
Given its technical demands, with long and challenging level differences, it is considered to be highly difficult.
The climbs have a total altitude of 1307 metres.
The descents register a level difference of 1347 metres.


As indicated by its name, this trail begins in the typical village of Jardim do Mar and ends in Paul do Mar, a parish known for its fishing tradition.
First, athletes run uphill until the parish of Prazeres.
Along that section, they can contemplate the unparalleled landscapes of the seaside's rocky cliffs.
Afterwards, the descent to Paul do Mar runs along part of the historical Caminho Real.


Along the way, the 'From Jardim to Paul' trail offers runners the chance to cross emblematic places, such as the Raposeira do Lugarinho Viewpoint, Levada Nova or Vereda dos Zimbreiros.
Distance: 16.94 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Start/End: Jardim do Mar / Paul do Mar
Level difference +: 1307 m
Level difference -: 1347 m
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