PR 18 - Levada do Rei

Levada do Rei, 5.3 km (+ 5.3 km return) long, will take you to discover the exuberant nature of the island, until you reach a singular place considered a natural sanctuary.

The walk takes about 3:30 hours and is considered of moderate difficulty.

The starting point of Levada do Rei is located at the Water Treatment Plant of Quebradas, in São Jorge. First you will cross an exotic forest area where it is possible to observe the typical agricultural landscapes of São Jorge and Santana.

Along the way, you will also be able to contemplate the tunnels formed by the diverse vegetation in this area.

The green landscape that embellishes Levada do Rei is made possible by the great abundance of water here.

However, the most special moment of the walk is saved for the arrival at Ribeiro Bonito, an isolated natural sanctuary covered by the dense vegetation characteristic of the Laurissilva forest.

At the end, be sure to visit the São Jorge water mill, the only one of its kind still in operation, powered by the waters of Levada do Rei.

Although it has three centuries of history, the cereals grown on the region's terraced fields are still ground there under the supervision of a local miller.

Distance: 5.3 km (10.6 km round trip)
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 3:30 hours
Start/End: São Jorge Wastewater Treatment Plant / Ribeiro Bonito
Max. Altitude / Min. Altitude: 573 m / 535 m

IFCN Madeira
Rua João de Deus 12 F, RC C
9050-027 Funchal
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