Down - São Jorge

The island of Madeira has some locations with conditions considered excellent for more advanced mountain bikers.
Such is the case of the trail that connects São Jorge to Arco de São Jorge, parishes belonging to the municipality of Santana.


This trail is 1.4 km long.
As it is a fast and technically demanding trail, it is considered to be highly difficult.
The starting area is quite steep from the very beginning, giving some speed to the route.
After that, bikers have to cross several obstacles: there are several double jumps and drops that ensure a thrilling experience.


The Down - São Jorge trail can be completed in 16 minutes.
The maximum altitude of this trail is 817 metres, and the minimum altitude is 660 metres.
As the whole trail is in a woodland area, close contact with Nature is a constant throughout the whole trail.


At the end, bikers can take the opportunity to discover the parish of Arco de São Jorge, named after the mountain arch that surrounds it.
Here, they can enjoy several landscaped areas or viewpoints with surprising views.
Distance: 1.4 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Duration: 16 minutes
Start/End: São Jorge / Arco de São Jorge
Max. Altitude / Min. Altitude: 817 m / 660 m
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