Funchal Seaside Promenade

Strolling through the capital of the archipelago of Madeira means enjoying contact with the best of nature and with a typically European cosmopolitan atmosphere at the same time. This is extremely evident along Funchal's Seaside Promenade.

Starting on the west side of the city, the first section of this promenade was inaugurated in August 1993 and was known at the time as 'Lido Gardens'. This extensive pedestrian walkway takes us to the Marine Biology Station and the Ponta Gorda Bathing Complex, before reaching Ponta da Cruz.

Those who stroll along Funchal's Seaside Promenade have the opportunity to enjoy a unique view over the coastline, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, the entire route has a diverse flora, which harmoniously integrates endemic species from Madeira and several exotic plants.

Along Funchal's Seaside Promenade we can find date palms (Phoenix dactylifera) and, on the cliffs, herbaceous plants and vines that add even more colour to this area. Make the most of this area by relaxing in contact with Nature, very close to the urban centre.

With a diverse flora and an amazing Atlantic landscape, this pedestrian walkway is ideal for an invigorating walk.

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