In Funchal, most landscapes are marked by the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic, the exotic vegetation that is spread all across the municipality and, of course, the urban fabric that stretches up the natural amphitheatre that shelters the city. And why not enjoy this spectacular atmosphere while toasting with friends?
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Funchal Madeira 24
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Visiting a rooftop in Funchal is a pleasant and memorable experience. The best ones can be found in the different hotels in the city where, in addition to fabulous views - some even 360º - you can enjoy the excellent service of Madeira's famous hospitality.
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With its striking surroundings, a rooftop in Funchal is the ideal place to comfortably hang out with friends, sip a refreshing cocktail or watch the island's famous and widely photographed sunset. A programme that is certainly irresistible to make the most of the capital's late afternoons or its typical mild evenings. Make the most of the experience provided by a rooftop in Funchal, enjoying unforgettable moments.
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A rooftop in Funchal is the ideal place to contemplate the unique landscapes of Madeira's capital, with the ocean in the background, while enjoying a refreshing drink.
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