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How to get to Madeira and Porto Santo

There are several ways to comfortably reach this Atlantic archipelago with its privileged location. We are closer than you think!
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How to get here by plane

Can you see yourself relaxing on these islands? Find the best flights to get to the archipelago of Madeira quickly and conveniently!
Madeira and Porto Santo

Towards the archipelago

Can you see yourself relaxing for a few days in an archipelago with stunning natural landscapes, a subtropical climate and a fascinating culture? This paradise island destination may be closer than you think: find out how to get to Madeira and Porto Santo.
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There are two main access points for those looking to get to Madeira. First of all, Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport, located in the city of Santa Cruz, which is the main gateway to and from the region. Secondly, the Port of Funchal, which is on the route of the major international cruise ships. We should point out that international flights to Funchal from major European cities are quite frequent and affordable. They last, on average, about three to four hours. From Lisbon, the journey takes just 90 minutes.
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Regarding the question 'how to get to Porto Santo?', there are also two options. Visitors can travel to this island's international airport or its seaport. Those coming from the island of Madeira can use the 15-minute air shuttle, or the ship 'Lobo Marinho', which takes around 2h30 to get there.
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Inter-Island Ferry
Porto Santo Line
Av. do Mar e das Comunidades Madeirenses, nº 20 | 9060-190 Funchal

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