Spinach Tours

Tourist entertainment company

Interactive sightseeing tours with autonomous driving

Spinach Tours Funchal is a franchising of a joint venture between Boost Portugal, a leading tour operator in the Mainland market, and Cityrama Portugal, a major 'Hop On Hop Off' company. Since 2008, they have developed several successful brands that include alternative means of transport adapted to tourism, with technology and sophistication.


For Spinach Tours, guest care is crucial. They offer interactive guided tours, which can always be tailored according to customer preferences. Available Tours:

  • Funchal or Churchill's bay - 1 hour
  • Funchal and Churchill's bay - 2 hours
  • Monte and Botanical Garden - 3 hours
A tour takes place in a vehicle in the form of an electric car that allows any tour operator to offer and create incredible and distinctive tourist experiences. The Spinach, stylish and ecological, manages to guide the customer while speaking with a very particular sense of humour, but always well informed. From the best-kept secrets to the most famous tourist sites, the Spinach keeps his humour and never loses its voice along the way.
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