Road conditions report


According to the Madeira Regional Road Department some of the Regional Roads will be closed/interrupted to the general public by grounds relating to the undergoing maintenance/reconstruction works as follows:


Last update: July,27th 


Regional Roads temporarily closed resulting from adverse weather conditions: 

3rd Section

ER 211 – Regional road  between Sítio das Quebradas (Redondo´s belvedere) and Sítio do Lombadinho (Ribeiro Velho) – Ponta Delgada                                                                 


Regional Roads temporarily restricted resulting from adverse weather conditions: 

3rd Section

ER 211 –Regional road between Sítio do Paço da Areia and Sítio das Quebradas
ER 211 – Regional road between Lombadinha and Boaventura

Regional Roads closed resulting from maintenance works or other reasons:                    

2nd Section

ER 103 – Regional road between the junction at the regional road (ER103) with Caminho da Fajã da Murta and the junction at the refional road (ER103) with the Travessa do
Lombo de Cima  (for an estimated period of 11 months).

4th Section

ER 209 - Regional road in the section between the regional road 222 and the Levada do Poiso (Water Clock building)
ER 222 - Regional road between Ribeira Brava (cemetery) and Pico da Banda d'Além
ER 223 - Regional road  between Estreito da Calheta (junction with Caminho da Ribeira Funda) and Jardim do Mar

Regional Roads temporarily conditioned resulting from maintenance works or other reasons: 

1st Section
ER 107 – Refuional road at Sitio do Colmeal – Edital n.º 22/2022
ER 203 – Regional road between Estrada das Carreiras – Public Notice no. 21/2022 - traffic closed to heavy vehicles
4th Section
ER 222 – Regional road between Ponta do Sol roundabout (Armazém da Gesba) and the junction with Terças municipal road – alternating traffic;
ER 223 – Regional road at Jardim do Mar/Paúl do Mar tunnel
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