SMIITY Platform Launched

SMIITY Platform Launched
SMIITY - SMart Interactive cITY is Madeira's new accessible tourism platform, developed by Mobinteg, a company specialised in the development of mobile and Internet solutions.
Compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices, SMIITY is a free application that interacts with small beacons to send information content automatically to a user's mobile devices through Bluetooth Low Energy.
This application presents local and contextual information on various topics, including news, events, points of interest, itineraries and social networks, made available through interaction with Apple iBeacon technology and Google Eddystone.
It can also be used as an audioguide, thus avoiding the use of additional equipment and making the user experience even more complete, rich and immersive. With text-to-speech functionality converting the text content to audio in the language of the device, it is also an inclusive solution, especially for the blind community.
For this purpose, several "beacons" have been installed in different parts of the city, such as in the Quinta das Cruzes Museum, providing a more dynamic and interactive experience for visitors.
This platform is available in several other regions Portugal, as well as in the United States, Italy, Spain and Brazil.
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