Madeira has a special flavour

Madeira has a special flavour
The gastronomic simplicity of the Madeira Archipelago reflects the soul of a simple, but generous, people.
An unrefusable dish is the “Espetada”, consisting of cubes of beef skewered on a bay leaf branch, grilled over coals, accompanied by fried maize and the typical Bolo do Caco bread with garlic butter.
The “Espetada” is a typical delicacy of the Summer festivals of the Archipelago islands. But you can try to recreate this typical recipe in your home and in a very simple way.
Purchase tender and succulent beef and cut it into cubes of about 3 cm to 5 cm.
While preparing wood coals, place the beef at room temperature, so it can grill better. Season the meat only when the coals are ready, adding unpeeled crushed garlic and bay leafs cut into small pieces. Soon afterwards add the coarse salt, place the espetada meat on the skewers, preferably of bay leafs, and grill it to taste.
When removing the meat from the grill, shake off the excess salt. Accompany the meat with a good regional wine. 
Enjoy your meal!
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