The Regional Sugar Cane and By-products Fair is usually carried out in March or April, in the parish of Canhas, municipality of Ponta do Sol.
These are two festive days, in which all by-products of sugar cane, such as rum, honey, sugar cane juice, desserts and the traditional food and drinks typical of the Madeiran festivities are sold, together with musical entertainment.
During the event, it is possible to visit a cane sugar plantation and participate in the cane harvest, which ends with a lunch in loco. At the end of the event, the best cane sugar producers of the Autonomous Region of Madeira are rewarded.
This event is organized by Casa do Povo of Ponta do Sol, Regional Secretariat of Agriculture and Fishing, Sociedade de Engenhos da Calheta, Fábrica Mel-de-Cana Ribeiro Seco and by the parish councils of the municipality.
“Cane Harvest” Festival
The “Cane Harvest” Festival takes place in April or May, aiming to present the sugar cane route and disseminate the cultural and architectonic heritage of the parish of Porto Cruz. Several activities are carried out in the parish’s centre. Walks, in which it is possible to appreciate the beautiful landscapes of this parish, as well as the sugar cane harvest in loco, are scheduled.
The organization of this event is carried out by the Associação Flores de Maio (May Flowers Association).
Sugar Festival
The Sugar Festival is carried out in July, at Avenida Arriaga, aiming to celebrate this historical product.
Over 4 days, several wooden stalls, with decorations allusive to the topic, offer a selection of regional and gastronomic products, such as typical desserts and drinks. There is also a space dedicated to the concept which allows for the organization of other initiatives related to the sugar culture.
Largo da Restauração, aimed for the children, is equipped with a wide variety of candy and sweet treats. The entertainment includes shows by bands, music groups, ranchos folclóricos (folklore groups) and philharmonic bands.
This event is organized by the Regional Tourism Directorate.
The Madeiran Rum Festival is carried out in April or May, during the operational period of the engenhos, transforming cane sugar into rum. It counts with the participation of several Madeiran Agricultural Rum producers and is a unique opportunity for the Madeiran citizens and tourists to get to know and appreciate this noble product.  Over 4 days, the visitors are able to taste the several types of rum produced in Madeira, enjoy cocktails made with Madeiran Rum and perfect their knowledge in several masterclasses carried out, in a laid-back environment with musical entertainment. The festival is organized by IVBAM.
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