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The art of Madeira Tapestry began at the end of last century, more specifically in 1936, by the hand of the Kiekeben families, of German origin, that when seeking to diversify the production of its embroidery factory, decided to create a tapestry studio.

Its development was fast, having generated a positive impact on the local economy. From this time on, the embroiderers become exceptional manufactures of this art, using wool and cotton thread to ‘paint’ on canvas.

There are several techniques for the execution of the tapestry, from the “ponto miudo” or “petit point” (small stich) , which aims to highlight the details of the canvas, to the  “ponto grado” (larger stitch), which is used in the basic tinting and filling of backgrounds, and finally the "gobleliu" or basting stitch (commonly designated as “alinhavado”)..

The tapestry pieces are applied in a wide range of articles including carpets, cushions, bags, paintings and chair liner.
After finishing the canvas, the crafts workers bring these pieces to the Madeira Wine, Embroidery and Handicrafts Institute (IVBAM), where they are authenticated with a guarantee seal.



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