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  • Avocado


    Originally from Central America, the avocado is an exotic fruit that covers an area of 88 hectares in Madeira.

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  • Custard Apple

    Custard Apple

    The custard apple "Anona" is a fruit of regional cultivation, originating in the high regions of the Andes (Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru), occupying an area of ​​approximately 104 hectares.

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  • Banana


    Banana is a noteworthy fruit on Madeira island due to its quality and quantity of production.

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  • “Bolo do caco” bread

    “Bolo do caco” bread

    The “Bolo do Caco” bread is a prime exemple of Madeiran food. Despite the name “bolo” [cake], this is actually a type of bread.

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  • Honey Cake

    Honey Cake

    The Honey Cake has its origins in the golden age of sugar cane production in the archipelago (19th century) and is one Madeira most emblematic delicacies.

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  • Embroidery


    The origins of Madeira Embroidery dates back to the early days of colonization of the Madeira Islands. It’s common belief that it began to be made by noble women immediately, due to the need of ornamental home...
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  • Honey biscuits

    Honey biscuits

    The Broas de Mel (Honey biscuits), made from treacle, are one of the most popular delicacies of Madeiran food in the holiday season.
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  • Sweet Potato

    Sweet Potato

    In Madeira, sweet potato culture is very common, and widely used in our gastronomy.

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  • Sugar cane

    Sugar cane

    Sugar cane is one of the agricultural species with the greatest relevance in the History of Madeira, which originated the 'White Gold Age'.

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  • Cherry


    The cherry of Madeira  is different both in flavour and in size from the cherry produced in mainland Portugal.

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  • Apple


    The apple of Madeira, commonly designated in Portuguese as “pêro”, is grown in various parts of Madeira. In Madeira islands there are several varieties of this fruit .
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  • Passionfruit


    The passionfruit is one of the most popular fruits of Madeira, both for its exceptional flavour and for the various uses that it has.

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  • Sugar Cane Molasses

    Sugar Cane Molasses

    Made from sugar cane, treacle is used in the most diverse food delicacies of Madeira.

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  • House Bread

    House Bread

    Madeira’s House Bread is distinguished from other varieties of homemade bread made in Portugal by incorporating sweet potato, a widely used food in Madeira.
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  • Protea


    The protea is a very common flower in Madeira, delighting tourists and residents.
    Here you can find different varieties of this flower species.
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  • "Lady Slipper" - Orchid

    One of the most traditional Madeiran Christmas flowers is the " Lady Slipper" orchid, which blooms from mid-November to January..

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  • Tapestry


    The art of Madeira Tapestry began at the end of last century, more specifically in 1936, by the hand of the Kiekeben families, of German origin, that when seeking to diversify the production of its embroidery f...
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  • Wickerwork


    The wickerwork industry has its foundation in 1850 in the parish of Camacha, where the largest production of this type of craft in Madeira is found. The trees that originate this work – Willows trees, grow on l...
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  • Madeira Wine

    Madeira Wine

    Madeira Wine history begins shortly after the discovery of Madeira island, as there are historical records that prove that 25 years after the beginning of its colonisation, Madeira Wine was already being export...
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