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Madeira Wine history begins shortly after the discovery of Madeira island, as there are historical records that prove that 25 years after the beginning of its colonisation, Madeira Wine was already being exported.

This ‘nectar of the Gods’, which is one of the symbols of Madeira Island, is enjoyed all over the world. Chosen to celebrate US Independence Day, on 4 July 1776, referred to by Shakespeare in some of his plays and admired by kings, princes, generals and explorers.
Madeira Wine comes from the fruit of the vines that are grown on Madeira by hand, on small plots of land, known as ‘poios’ (terraces), supported by earthen walls on the mountain slopes, which are often difficult to access. Madeira’s unique soil and climate, as well as the production process
and the type of grape grown, have contributed to the unparalleled distinction of Madeira Wine through the years.

The Grape Varieties:
There are over 30 different grape varieties of Madeira Wine; however, the most famous are Sercial, Boal, Verdelho and Malvasia.
Among the dry wines, the Sercial variety stands out. Ideal as an aperitif, this wine is clear, light and very fragrant. The Verdelho leads the medium dry wines. Delicate, very fragrant and golden in colour, it is the most recommended to accompany meals. The Boal variety is medium sweet, gentle, noble, velvety and dark golden in colour, being the most recommended for barbecue and dessert. Between meals or with dessert, few can resist the Malvasia variety, which represents a sweet, full-bodied wine, of intense aroma and red colour.

We recommended that those who love this form of 'art’, and are visiting Madeira in September, attend and participate in the grape harvest and in the Madeira Wine Festival, which is a tribute to this ancient product, recognised across borders.

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