To enjoy the vineyard landscape…


Véu de Noiva Viewpoint – An emblematic waterfall, a view over the northern coast of the island, in an area where the vineyards may also be observed.

Chão da Ribeira –  It is a valley with great traditions, in which it is still possible to observe the old sheds, in which the agricultural instruments were stored, part of the landscape, as well as the agricultural terraces and the Laurel Forest, a World Heritage Site. Further below, there are some vineyards.

The latada vineyards by the sea – Along the road between São Vicente and Seixal, there are several stop points overlooking the wild sea, in which several vineyards close to the sea may be appreciated, some only a few meters away from the water. Most of them are latada vineyards, still producing grapes for the local producers.

The mountain vineyards – Also in those mountains, that seem to rise from the sea and gain altitude, several vineyards may be appreciated, most of them in terraces supported by volcanic stone walls. These may reach 650 meters in altitude. Once again, one of the few places in the world that produces mountain wines. Among some of these vineyards, the view is overwhelming, with the cliffs, sometimes vertiginous, over a troubled and wild sea, which also helps understand the salinity presented by many Madeiran wines.

Câmara de Lobos

The latada vineyards of Estreito de Câmara de Lobos –  It is the largest vineyard area in Madeira and one of its characteristics is the latada vineyards, which may be seen everywhere. From Fajã dos Padres to the sea, up to Jardim da Serra, at more than 600 meters of altitude, the vineyard is an assiduous presence in this municipality’s landscape.

Arco de São Jorge

Experimental Viticulture Field, which includes the Vine and Wine Museum, a place where you may learn a lot about viticulture and help understand Madeira wines and its varieties, as well as where these can be found. 



Vineyards of Quinta de Santa Luzia

Owned by the Blandy family, integrated in a Madeiran traditional manor house. Besides the vast gardens and high trees, it also has vines that still produce grapes for some wines of the Madeira Wine Company, also owned by the same family, in the centre of Funchal.



In the Agricultural Park of Caniçalsome vineyards, explored by several producers of Madeira still wines, may be appreciated. These almost reach the sea, close to the Whale Museum.


Estreito da Calheta

Quinta das Vinhas

In an area with some concentration of vines, previously an experimental field in which several grape varieties were planted. It now belongs to a great quality rural hotel.


Porto Moniz

Fajã do Barro Viewpoint

In this viewpoint we may not only find the Fajã do Barro vineyards but also, below these, overlooking the sea, the vineyards of Fajã de Manuel and Arrudal of Ribeira da Janela. We can also see Seixal and Contreiras until São Vicente.


São Vicente


When we reach Ginjas, we can observe the entire S. Vicente valley, with vineyards on both sides of the mountains as the predominant landscape. Simply breath-taking! 

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