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    Madeira Islands  are only at one step away from the major European capitals and only 90 minutes from Lisbon, are the ideal holiday destination for anyone who wants both relaxation and fun, and to enjoy the mountains, the sea, walks or simply to go on an adventure.

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  • PR 4- Levada-do-Barreiro-(Poço-da-Neve - Casa-do-Barreiro)
  • PR 4- Levada-do-Barreiro-(Poço-da-Neve - Casa-do-Barreiro)
  • PR 4- Levada-do-Barreiro-(Poço-da-Neve - Casa-do-Barreiro)
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The Poço da Neve - Casa do Barreiro route connects the built heritage, the nature and the wide Funchal city views, following largely Levada do Barreiro, on the left bank of Ribeiro de Santa Luzia valley.

The route begins at the Regional road 202 that gives access to Pico do Areeiro in the foreground is Poço da Neve, a single element of Funchal municipality heritage dating from 1813. The snow and hail which occur occasionally in winter were stored in that reservoir providing ice throughout the year, which was transported on foot to Funchal downtown.
The roue continues in a descending way, passing by a core of high altitude vegetation the “urzes arbóreas” and “uveiras da.-serra”. After crossing an asphalt road, the route follows first Levada do Barreiro tributary channel to the Ribeiro dos Frades valley where is located the main channel source.
The route follows Levada do Barreiro with wide views over Ribeira de Santa Luzia valley and Funchal city. It continues till a deviation to the right, already at the walk end, for a visiting a viewpoint “Miradouro do Barreiro” set on a small elevation.
The “Casa do Barreiro” – Barreiro´s house – is the next target and marks the route´s ending at the  Parque Ecológico do Funchal. You can continue the walk to the parish center of Monte, following the path to Casa do Barreiro on Regional road (ER101). 
Detail Distance: 5.2 km Degree of dificulty: Easy Duration: 2:10 horas Start/End: Poço da Neve / Casa do Barreiro Max. Altitude/Min. Altitude: 1650 m / 975 m


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