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    Madeira Islands  are only at one step away from the major European capitals and only 90 minutes from Lisbon, are the ideal holiday destination for anyone who wants both relaxation and fun, and to enjoy the mountains, the sea, walks or simply to go on an adventure.

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  • PR 3.1 - Caminho Real do Monte (Ribeira das Cales - Monte)
  • PR 3.1 - Caminho Real do Monte (Ribeira das Cales - Monte)
  • PR 3.1 - Caminho Real do Monte (Ribeira das Cales - Monte)
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The path from Ribeira das Cales to Monte is a link between the natural mountainous environment of the Funchal Ecological park and the historic centre of the parish of Monte, with its interesting heritage of buildings.

This work begins at the Welcome Centre of the Funchal Ecological park and crosses the Ribeira das Cales and an old canal of the municipality of Funchal, the Cales levada which dates from 1784. Here at the start of the walk, in the area around Casa da Ribeira das Cales and the surrounding woods, you will find a wide variety of indigenous and exotic vegetation and the most common species of birds of this habitat.
As you follow the path through the Park, the itinerary takes you past the Ribeira das Cales plant nursery and the belvedere at Pico Alto (elevation 11290 metres). From this point you have one of the widest panoramic views over the municipality of Funchal.
Between Arrebentão and Lajinhas, the path follows Caminho Real nº24, which in former times served as the access route to the mountains of Monte and made connections with the municipality of Santana.
As you pass by Terreiro da Luta, two constructions stand out: the Quinta do Terreiro da Luta and a short way off the route, the monument to Nossa Senhora da Paz.
From Lajinhas, the constructions that form the heritage and characterizes the history of the Parish of Monte are in evidence, particularly the main church, some old Quintas (estates) and the Monte Gardens.
In the historic centre of Monte you can also visit the gardens at Monte Palace Madeira and the Largo das Babosas. Wicker sledged and two cable car options offer additional ways to discover the charms of the municipality of Funchal. 


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