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As in the rest of Europe, in the Autonomous Region of Madeira there are buildings with accessibility and equipment for persons with special needs, including infrastructures such as shopping centres, and other buildings located in the urban area of the island's capital - Funchal, which offer good accessibility for persons with reduced mobility.
However, in older buildings, this accessibility is not so common, and the streets and sidewalks which maintain the old cobbled floors, are not prepared for the circulation of persons with special needs, although there has been a greater effort on behalf of the municipalities to adapt.



Accessible accommodation
Most hotels in the Region offer good conditions and equipment to comfortably accommodate persons with reduced mobility, with almost all having elevators and access ramps, however, it is advisable to inquire regarding these issues at the hotel where you intend to stay before making your reservation, in order to clarify whether your necessities can be met.
For more information consult the section “Where to stay” at:​



Adapted Transport
With regard to urban public transport and cable car cabins, these provide vehicles / accessibility adapted for persons with limited mobility.
The Autonomous Region of Madeira and, in particular, the municipality of Funchal has been focusing on adapting its transport network, currently presenting three types of transportation:

The company “Horários do Funchal” has a special fleet composed of four minibuses, three of which have a modular occupancy with a capacity for three wheelchairs and one with a capacity for nine.
This company also offers a service reserved only for persons with reduced mobility, carried out in the entire area of Funchal based on a prior booking system. The service is provided as from the place of residence of the person requesting the service, to the location indicated by the user.
There is also the “Linha Verde” fleet, composed of a fleet of 20 buses that travel through most tourist areas of the city centre, thus having a ramp facilitating the entry of persons with reduced mobility.
This company also has a fleet of 10 buses that operate in the highest areas of the city, which have a lift for persons in wheelchairs.
More information at:
Rua Visconde Anadia, C. C. Anadia Shopping - Loja nº6  - Funchal
Ph.: +351 291 705 555


In the Region there is a fleet of 21 taxis adapted for the transportation of persons with reduced mobility. These vehicles are found in every taxi rank in the city of Funchal.
To reserve a vehicle adapted for passengers with reduced mobility, you should contact the company AITRAM- Táxis Madeira.

Conjunto Habitacional de Santo Amaro
Rua Fernando Rebelo, 28-A, Santo António
9020-406 Funchal
Ph.: +351 291 765 760



Funchal Cable Car

In the Funchal Cable Car, the boarding areas and the cabins are easily accessible to persons with reduced mobility, along with properly equipped toilets.
The facilities were designed to facilitate the use by persons with reduced mobility and to ensure the smooth boarding and disembarkation.
For this purpose, the speed of the vehicles is always reduced upon arrival at the stations and also, if necessary, the facility is stopped by the operation personnel who are under constant surveillance and always available to assist the passengers.
Each cabin can transport a maximum of 7 persons.
For safety reasons, each cabin can only take one wheelchair.


Teleféricos da Madeira, SA
Rua Bela de São Tiago, 20 Piso 0 Escritório 15
Funchal, Ilha da Madeira, 9060-400 Portugal
Ph: 291 780 280 




Recommended Walking Routes
Regarding the footpaths in Madeira, the path between Pico das Pedras and Queimadas, located in the beautiful municipality of Santana, is prepared to receive visitors with disabilities.
In this manner, the usual inaccessible beauty of the Laurissilva Forest can be appreciated along a 1980 m long path, adapted for wheelchairs and where the information is available in Braille and SPC (symbolic language for persons with cerebral palsy).
Access to this footpath is accessible only by electric chair and/or scooter and takes approximately 3 hours (1/5 hour return).
More information:



The municipality of Funchal gathers a set of equipment, distributed amongst leisure areas and cultural infrastructures, adapted with accessibilities to assist persons with reduced mobility or with any other type of disability, namely:

Jesuit College
Santa Catarina Park


Frederico de Freitas House-Museum
 (Note: Access only available by elevator to visitors with manual wheelchairs (ground floor))
Henrique and Francisco Franco Museum
​(Note: Access only a to visitors with manual wheelchairs (double ramps))
Toy Museum
(Note: Access only available by elevator to visitors with manual wheelchairs)

Câmara de Lobos

• Press Museum 
(Note: Elevator access available for visitors with manual and electric wheelchairs. This museum has disability WC)

Ribeira Brava

• Madeira Ethnographic Museum
(Note: Elevator access available for visitors with manual and electric wheelchairs. This museum has disability WC)

• Whale Museum
(Note: Elevator access available for visitors with manual and electric wheelchairs. This museum has disability WC)

Thematic Atractions 

• Madeira Story Center
(Note. Elevator access available for visitors with wheelchairs)

 Blandys Wine Lodges - Adegas São Francisco
(Note: Acess for visitors on wheelchair only available within the tasting room areas)

• Pereira d´Oliveira (Wine Cellar)
(Note: Elevator access)

• Henriques & Henriques (Wine Cellar)
(Note: Elevator access)

• Parque Temático da Madeira ( Santana)
(Note: Accessible outdoor areas. This venue has disability WC)

• Grutas de São Vicente e Centro de Vulcanismo ( S. Vicente)
(Note: Elevator access available for visitor within the Volcanism Center show room)

• Aquário da Madeira (Porto Moniz) 

Tourist Entertainment Companies
The Autonomous Region of Madeira presents some Tourism Entertainment Companies duly accredited to provide specialized services in this area.

  • "Madeira Acessível by Wheelchair" - Provides various services, such as walks along specific levadas; Sightseeing tours around the island; Airport or port/hotel transfers; Pickup and drop off(Transfer for dinners or specific places), etc.  


  • "Madeira4all (Intertours Travel Consulting)" - Madeira4all is a service provided by Intertours Travel Consulting travel agency with a focus on the accessible tourism segment, scheduling holidays according to each client.
  • "Safe Away Assisted Holidays" – A company more dedicated to providing health services to visitors with pre-existing medical conditions, but with a personalized offer in the planning and monitoring of tourist entertainment activities adapted to the particularities of each client. It brings together an experienced team of health professionals (nurses, doctors and other therapists). 


  • "Via Activa" (Wheel it)  –  Company with a focus on the accessible tourism services.

For further information on Tourism Entertainment Companies in the Autonomous Region of Madeira:​




App - Portugal Acessível Mobile

The "Portugal Acessível Mobile" is a new technological application aimed at persons with reduced mobility, being compatible with some operating systems, namely iOS, Android or Windows Phone.
The application is available in a bilingual format and all the locations indicated in it (accommodation / culture and leisure / restaurants, etc.) have the benefit of having been physically visited and previously inspected by a member of the Salvador Association, thus ensuring greater credibility with regard to the content presented on the mentioned platform.

More information on:



App - TUR4all 

TUR4all is the Iberian Accessible Tourism App. In it you can find accommodation, restaurants, bars, monuments, museums, cultural centres, wine tourism, beaches, leisure activities, tourist offices, urban routes ... accessible destinations and experiences.
The application allows persons with special needs to plan their trips, by accessing objective and reliable information regarding the accessibility of tourist resources. TUR4all is prepared to customize the search according to the specific needs of the user.
TUR4all publishes tourist resources evaluated by accessibility specialists, with the TUR4all badge and also resources introduced by users through online questionnaires prepared for this purpose.
More information on:
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