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Built in 1874 by Roque Teixeira de Agrela, this kiln is considered a local heritage by the regional government.

Some attention has always been paid to lime production since it is absolutely necessary for a range of tasks, most related to civil construction.

The Câmara de Lobos lime kiln, located in Trincheira, later, it underwent restoration and adaptation works in 1914.

Despite being restored in 1960, the kiln only remained in operation until the 70s time when it was closed, as transformed lime was being imported and because several complaints had been made by the local population about the smell and smoke that resulted from its production.

The Municipal Council bought this building and its surroundings in 1983. At the time, the site was occupied by a small scale industry for drying "peixe gata" [cat fish], (Scymnus lichia), a type of shark from the deep waters around Madeira.
The kiln is currently part of the Câmara de Lobos seafront project, which includes the salt deposits and the entire Trincheira zone. It is considered local heritage by the regional government.




Lime Kiln

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