The Forest and Nature Conservation Institute, IP-RAM (IFCN, IP-RAM) informs that all the recommended walking paths in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, as well as the respective support infrastructures, from December 4th onwards, will be closed due to the weather conditions that will affect the Region. Read more
  • New hotel opens in Funchal

    New hotel opens in Funchal

    Later this month, a new boutique hotel will open at Rua do Castanheiro, as the result of the refurbishment and enlargement of the old apartament hotel Castanheiro: the Castanheiro Boutique Hotel.
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  • Accessible Tourism in Madeira

    Accessible Tourism in Madeira

    Intended to overcome the current gap in the Madeira tourism market, Intertours travel agency has launched a product labelled “Madeira 4 All”.
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  • HF promotes Cultural Tourism

    HF promotes Cultural Tourism

    The transportation company Horários do Funchal, together with several hotels and museums of Funchal’s city centre, launched its latest project directed to the cultural tourism segment - the “ Tourist Kit”, project, as part of the SEEMORE project (2012-2015).
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  • The Old “Molhe" fortress reopens this month

    The Old “Molhe" fortress reopens this month

    The Fortress of Our Lady of Conceição, in Pontinha, will be reborn around mid-October, with a project signed by international interior designer Nini Andrade Silva.
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  • Madeira Hotels win “Tourism Oscars”

    Madeira Hotels win “Tourism Oscars”

    The excellent quality of the Madeira hotel has been consistently recognised, not only for its customer loyalty but also by major tour operators and companies linked to the sector, which certify such quality through the awarding of prizes at various levels.
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  • Charter flight connects Denmark to Porto Santo

    Charter flight connects Denmark to Porto Santo

    This flight connection aims to increase the number of incoming tourists to the golden island next winter.
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  • Museum of Contemporary Art has a new home in Calheta

    Museum of Contemporary Art has a new home in Calheta

    The museological and artistic collection of the Madeiran Museum of Contemporary Art, on display at the São Tiago Fort, will be located permanentlly to the modern building of the Casa das Mudas Cultural Centre, in the municipality of Calheta, from October 8, and will be designated as - MUDAS - Madeiran Museum of Contemporary Art.
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  • A pilot project to restore the “Royal Roads”

    A pilot project to restore the “Royal Roads”

    Madeira Regional Government has recently launched a project to restore the “royal roads”, an ancient network of roads that criss-crossed the island in all directions.
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  • Madeira in Lisbon with RFM radio

    Madeira in Lisbon with RFM radio

    On 23 September last, Madeira was in Lisbon with RFM radio, an event that aimed to transform downtown Lisbon, in particular the Rua do Carmo, into the most Madeiran style street of Lisbon; this is a promotional campaign aimed at increasing awareness for the island through its natural beauty, tranquillity and well-being as well as promoting the wide range of sporting activities, whether at sea, in the mountains or in the air.
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