The Madeira Promotion Bureau launches a campaign on social networks in which it appeals to staying home during these delicate global moments. Later, the Madeira Archipelago awaits everyone.
"Stay home now. Dream online. Visit us later!" is the latest awareness campaign by the Madeira Promotion Bureau. Launched on social networks, it appeals to all to stay at home, but not forgetting the levadas (irrigation canals), the poncha (traditional drink), the landscapes and the sea of the "World's Best Island Destination".
"The sea which inspires us. Is that which brings us together. For now, browse online. Discover the experiences, click, dream. There is so much to be done later. With more emotion, with more beauty, with more nature. Don't stop dreaming, but stay home for now." These are some of the messages which intend to raise awareness as to the importance of staying home, for now, so that we can meet again later and enjoy  to the full, all the unforgettable experiences that this destination has to offer.
In the current situation the world is facing, physical borders have been closed, but the digital borders remain open and ready to help us dream about better days. Click. Follow the levada and discover a hidden waterfall in the nature. Click. Dive into the warm sea. Click. Enter the traditional Santana houses. Click. Click. Click.
"Staying home is protecting those who are dear, the population and destinations. No matter how difficult this measure is for a tourist destination, it is our obligation, our civic responsibility, but also acknowledging that isolation is contrary to nature, that the human being is one of relationships,​ of affection and experiences. It is therefore imperative that we restore hope in people and allow them to continue dreaming. That is what we wish to restore in people, hope, the possibility of being able to dream...online...about Madeira!"
This communication arises as a result of the State of Alert which was declared by the Madeira Regional Government, which restricts tourists from entering the Island. This measures intends to safeguard the security of inhabitants and tourists, so that this delicate moment that the world is facing, due to the COVID- 19 outbreak, can be overcome, and guarantee that Madeira continues to be a mandatory Destination in the future.
Aimed for the Portuguese and foreign markets, this campaign will be available on online platforms of the Madeira Promotion Bureau and will be accompanied by a video, available in Portuguese and English.
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