Palheiro Spa on the cutting edge of personalized treatments

Palheiro Spa on the cutting edge of personalized treatments
In a bid to echo recent Unesco “World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage” recognition of two unique Portuguese music genres, the Palheiro Spa is delighted to introduce the "Fado Massage".
For this innovative treatment two experienced Palheiro Spa therapists attended special classes with a Fado teacher, and they sing the Fado softly throughout the treatment, which consists of a specific deep-tissue massage with movements that are reminiscent of the waves which feature so often in the lyrics of the Portuguese Fado; applied in what is known as the tear-drop technique, essential oils are used in this massage, including extracts of purple anemone and purple hyacinth, beautiful flowers that represent fading hope and sorrow, in-keeping with the Fado theme. Says senior therapist Sandra “It is a unique treatment, which can be quite transcending, as it provides a true replenishing of the soul, thanks to the release that the Fado can bring”.

The Spa is now developing a further sister-treatment, based on the less-known Cante Alentejano, where two therapists sway and hum the “Cante” whilst jointly massaging the client with extract of virgin olive oil from Alentejo.

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