Flower Festival

Flower Festival
Madeira features floral species with origins from all around the world.

This diversity and a deep-rooted predilection for gardening among Madeiran residents, have given rise to the events currently advertised on the poster for the Madeira Flower Festival.
This year, the festival focuses on a theme: Let’s flourish Madeira. The spring-time festival, highly sought after by tourists, has continued to grow in terms of both programming and duration and now lasts for three weeks,this year from 4th to the 21st od May.
The festival maintains its particular focus on the Great Allegoric Parade of the flower and on decoration, living paintings and entertainment in the down town, while other activities attract increasing numbers of tourists and residents, allowing them to ‘awaken their senses’, primarily through workshops including wine and food tasting sessions, craft taster sessions (Madeira embroidery, sausage-making, etc.) and even decorative activities such as constructing traditional floral carpets.
Strongly associated with childhood due to its timing in spring, the season of the year most favourable for flowering, the Flower Festival is more and more inclusive each year: as well as the Wall of Hope in which more than a thousand children participated, a Wall of Solidarity will also be created.
Recently, the event was expanded to include another procession, a parade of classic cars from one of the best known classic car fleets in the country, suitably linked to the flower theme, whose vehicles (cars and motorbikes) are later exhibited, allowing them to be better appreciated by enthusiasts.



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