7 Sweet Wonders of Portugal

7 Sweet Wonders of Portugal
The election of the 7 Maravilhas Doces de Portugal® [7 Sweet Wonders of Portugal] is a private project, of manifest public interest, organized by EIPWU, Lda., an entity that promotes, since 2007, the competitions that have as their theme the great National Identity values.
This year, EIPWU decided to elect the 7 Sweet Wonders of Portugal, which conclusion is scheduled for 7 September.                                                                    
The Municipality of Ribeira Brava, together with the pastry shop Miminho, is participating in the competition with Queijada Madeirense [Madeiran sweet pastry made with cheese], which was the winner in the regional qualifying round, and is therefore the great representative of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.
To vote and elect Madeira’s Queijada as one of the 7 Sweet Wonders of Portugal, just call the number 760 107 118.
For further information:  https://7maravilhas.pt.
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