Legal Warnings


Legal Warnings

This site is provided to the public by the Madeira Tourism Board and the information presented is considered public information.
Unauthorised attempts to change or upload information, or to engage in any activities likely to damage the system or compromise its integrity, are strictly forbidden and may be punishable according to applicable legislation.
All information displayed on this site is general and not necessarily exhaustive.
We do not control any links to external sites and thus decline all responsibility for the corresponding contents.
The information presented on this site is protected by Copyright and Related Rights, and Industrial Property Rights, according to Portuguese and European Union legislation and international conventions, and can only be used within the conditions allowed in this Portal.
Users are allowed to copy, import and use site information and photos displayed on the Gallery, free of charge, for personal or public use, provided such items are not used for lucrative of offensive purposes.
However, users should always cite the information source.

Privacy Policy

Some parts of the website can only be accessed by registering as a user. Personal details or other information that is obtained during the registration process are exclusively for administrative use and for providing information pertaining to the services requested by the user.Madeira Tourism is committed to respecting the legislation in force concerning the protection of personal data and to not allow third parties to access this information in any format or under any condition, in accordance with the terms of article 35 of the Portuguese Republic Constitution and Law no. 68/98 of October, retaining only the following information:

- the email address provided by the user with the aim of subsequently receiving newsletters containing tourist information for the Madeira Islands. Madeira Tourism is also committed to adopting the necessary security measures to that the personal details of users are protected from any potential abusive use or from unauthorised access.

The site, is merely a promotional not-for-profit tool designed to present and publicise the Madeira islands as a tourist destination, with no commercial interest or ulterior motive when choosing the content to be presented.
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