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Banana is a noteworthy fruit on Madeira island due to its quality and quantity of production.

The banana is a fruit that is born from the banana tree, a plant originally from Southeast Asia, belonging to the family Musaceae, genus Musa and is included in the group of monocots. It is a herbaceous plant, with a true underground stem (rhizome) where the “suckers” or “followers” are born, which serve to propagate the banana tree vegetatively. Each bunch is formed by a layer that results in the differentiation of flowers into fruit.
The banana plantations have abundant production in regions with high temperatures throughout the year, with monthly averages between 24º C and 29º C, being able to develop satisfactorily in places where the temperature limits are 15º C and 35º C. Temperatures below 15ºC negatively influence the development and growth of the plant



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