One of the greatest tourist attractions of the Island of Madeira lies in its spectacular landscape. Its luxurious vegetation continues to fascinate all those closely drawn to nature.
Fauna and Flora of Madeira

Madeira Island is very rich in fauna, both in vertebrates and in invertebrates, particularly endemic species of terrestrial molluscs, and very significantly, of insects.The Laurisilva Forest deserves special mention in the flora of Madeira
Fauna and Flora of Desertas

In Desert Islands we can find many rare and endemic species such as Mediterranean monk seals, the flora is varied, particular and rich in specific plants from Macaronesia, with Madeiran exclusives.


Fauna and Flora of Selvagens

The vertebrate fauna of the Selvagens Islands is qualified by the wide range of nesting seabirds and the absence of native mammals, the vegetation on the Selvagens Islands is comprised of perfectly adapted species to the soil and climatic conditions
Nature Reserves

The diversity of natural resources on land and in the sea at Madeira Islands led to the creation of protection plicies and sustainable development of natural environemnts, assuring the protection to the huge biological diversity, the environmental quality and social development.
Vulcanism in the Madeira Islands

The geological history of the Madeira Islands is closely tied to the opening and expansion of the Atlantic Ocean. This process began around 200 million years ago and continues to this day at a rate of around 2 cm/year.  
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