Legend of Arguim

On the day that Madeira emerged from the seas, another Atlantic island, known as Arguim, which was situated slightly North, was submerged.

Legend of Machim

According to the legend, from the late fourteenth century and early fifteenth century there was in England a young man named Roberto Machim, legendary knight of the court of king Edward III of England.

Legend of Saint Silvester

Legend has it that on the last night of the year, as the Virgin Mary was leaning out of the skies over the ocean, Saint Sylvester came to speak to her.


Legend of Nossa Senhora do Monte

It is said that in the late fifteenth century about 1 kilometer above the Nossa Senhora do Monte church, in Terreiro da Luta, a girl was playing during the afternoon with a shepherdess. 

Legend of Ladislaus

Ladislaus III lived in the fifteenth century, and was king of Poland and Hungary. Shortly after the beginning of his reign, the youngster, inexperienced in the arts of war and politics, led his country to war with the Turks.

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