Madeira Laurissilva Forest

Did you know… that Laurissilva, the indigenous forest of Madeira, dates from the Tertiary Period?

Recognised as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 1999, Laurissilva is considered a living legacy, as, in light of the glaciations which occurred at the beginning of the Quaternary period, which led to its almost total extinction in continental Europe, its existence was reduced to the geographical area of Macaronesia, i.e., comprised by the archipelagos of Madeira, Azores, Canary islands and Cape Verde.

Two-thirds of Madeira’s territory, the equivalent of 67% of its surface, is considered a protected area, which natural reserve includes a luxurious vegetation embraced by various unique species in the World, such as Laurel (Laurus novocanariensis), Mahogany (Persea indica), Madeira Laurel (Ocotea foetens) or Canary Laurel (Apollonias barbujana), amongst others.
The Madeira Laurissilva Forest includes the Madeira National Park with the maximum status of Integral Reserve.

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