Fireworks display tradition

Did You Know That… fireworks display tradition comes from the 17th century?

It’s true! Already at this time, the passage of year was indicated by bonfires which were lit, lightening up and fulfilling with brightness and colours Madeireans homes.
Later on, in the 18th century, the residing British community in Madeira Island introduced rocket fire to signal the New Year's beginning.
A century later, a Madeirean banker – João José Rodrigues Leitão – chose to recreate this tradition and the truth is, from then on, wealthy families from the island competed among each others in the rocket launch, promoting a fireworks spectacle which range spread until the higher city areas.

This firework display, already at the time, provided the perfect excuse to extend all night long the celebrations taking place in the ballrooms.
Over the years this show continued to grow, making more supporters, until in 2006 it was internationally recognised by “The Guinness World of Records” as the “biggest fireworks display of the World”.
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