Did you know that...

… fireworks display tradition comes from the 17th century?
It’s true! Already at this time, the passage of year was indicated by bonfires which were lit, lightening up and fulfilling with brightness and colours Madeireans homes.
“Sweep the closets”

… in the 15th of January the people of Madeira celebrate Saint Amaro and dedicate this time of the year to “sweep the closets”?
This popular tradition marks the ending of the Christmas Season in Madeira, occasion on which families dissemble the cribs and all Christmas decorations.



… the Carnival was a foolish game of running around, which included water, flour, eggs and tomatoes battles that appeared before the serpentine battles?


… the origins of the Flower Festival were born in the “Ball of the Rose”, organized for the first time in 1955 by Ateneu Comercial do Funchal?
This event distinguished itself by a dance that signalled the beginning of spring and included an exhibition-contest of flowers.



...that Christopher Columbus landed on the island of Madeira for the first time in 1478, entrusted with the task of buying 2,400 arrobas of sugar?


… that Laurissilva, the indigenous forest of Madeira, dates from the Tertiary Period?
Recognised as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 1999, Laurissilva is considered a living legacy, as, in light of the glaciations which occurred at the beginning of the Quaternary period.


… the first air connection between Madeira and England took place in March 1949, in an experimental flight of the airline company “Aquila Airways” performed by “Hampshire” Hydroplane, bringing on board high dignitaries, both Portuguese and foreign?



… the parish of Santo António da Serra is the crib of golf in Madeira?
In 1933 golf was played on lands of the Hotel-Pousada da Serra, which at the time was a nine-hole par 3 course.


…that on the island of Madeira, an authentic underwater “nursery”, big game fishing is a very common sporting activity, and that Madeira is considered one of the finest destinations in the world for this sport?


...until the end of the 1970s the traditional oxcarts toured in Avenida do Mar, to the delight of residents and visitors?
This cart without wheels, built with wicker and wood, with seats showing bright coloured fabrics, glided like a sled and was pulled by two oxen.


...the Monte “Railway”, on which once ran the “Monte Train” or “Monte Elevator”, linked Rua do Pombal, Funchal, to Terreiro da Luta, Monte, ascending a total extent of 3.911 km.
The studies for the Monte “Railway” were drawn up in 1886 by the


...the Orquestrophone is a rare musical instrument, made in France, in 1900 by Limonaire Frères?

This mechanical music reproduction instrument integrates Quinta das Cruzes Museum collections, in Funchal.



… in Madeira are produced varied and delicious food which are based on processed flour from the grape seeds, taking advantage of the rich properties from that fruit?
This is used to prevent and treat a wide variety of health conditions. 



...since the beginning of 2011, Madeira has won another "seal" that certifies the authenticity of its regional products?

This is a Certification System of Guaranteed Origin of the Products of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.


...On April 1st 1922, the Habsburg Emperor Charles, Charles I of Austria and Charles IV of Hungary, died on Madeira, having lived here in exile from the 19th of November 1921 to the 1st of April 1922?


Winston Churchill, the well-known British Prime Minister during World War II, spent 12 days vacationing in Madeira, in January of 1950, and left its imprint in the region’s tourism.

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