Madeira is ... Destination of Excellence since 2009

The World Centre of Excellence for Destinations (CED), a body overseen by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), attributed to Destination Madeira, in November 2009, the title of Quality Excellence, by applying an evaluation system internationally designated as System of Measures for Excellence in Destinations (SMED), implemented by the CED itself.

The evaluation took into account various factors such as geographical location, environment and landscape, culture and traditions, safety, transport, aesthetic values, well-being of residents and visitors, efficiency of services available to tourists, among others, allowing them to know, through a reliable and impartial authority, its strong and weak points.

According to the study developed by the World Centre of Excellence for Destinations, Destination Madeira got the top mark in excellence in the categories Mountain and Landscape, Diving, Accommodation, Culture and Heritage, Safety and Shopping. The same study also pointed to other strengths of Destination Madeira in particular in the categories Environment and Landscape, Transport, Structure, Information, Hospitality, Wellness, Spa and Support Services.
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