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Horários do Funchal (HF) is an urban transport bus company that operates in the city of Funchal. It is the largest transporter in Madeira, with about 22 million passengers per year.

Horários do Funchal has an extensive fleet adapted to the various services the company offers. Buses sport yellow and white colours in their structure as well as the company logo on the sides of each of the vehicles.

Its urban routes serve the entire Funchal municipality The interurban bus service routes provided by the Companhia dos Carros de S. Gonçalo connects Funchal to the areas of Santana, Santo da Serra, Curral das Freiras, Arco de São Jorge, Camacha, São Jorge, Porto da Cruz, and Santa Cruz.

This company is also available for occasional tourbus rental services, with an image that is represented by the sobriety of the bus paintwork, with white as the predominant colour, while including images that recall native madeiran plants.

The Eco Line is served by 4 electric mini buses that are environmentally friendly. In addition to not emitting polluting gases, they do not make any noise. These buses are equipped to transport disabled people.

For more detailed information consult the informative leaflets/brochures below: 

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Brochure Guids & Maps Horários do Funchal - Urban buses Map
Brochure Guids & Maps
Horários do Funchal - Interurban Buses Map
Horários do Funchal - Interurban Buses Map Download PDF

HF - Horários do Funchal

HF - Horários do Funchal
Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday: 8.30am -12.30 - 2pm - 6pm; Friday: 8.30am-12.30- 2pm-5pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
Travessa da Fundoa de Baixo 5, 9020 - 242 Funchal
+351 291 705 555
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